How To Become React Developer In 2021 From Youtube

How To Become React Developer In 2021 From Youtube

A roadmap to becoming react developer from scratch for free for complete beginners to web development.

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This article is for complete beginners who are ready to dive and learn to become React Developers.

The courses listed below are my personal preference and have experienced myself. There are other great series available on YouTube, but these courses listed below are something that would be my personal recommendation to beginners.

Step 1: Learn Git & GitHub
Step 2: Learn HTML
Step 3: Learn CSS, Bootstrap & SCSS
Step 4: Learn Javascript
Step 5: Learn React
Step 6: Learn Redux

// 🏆 Congratulations, you are now a React developer.

Now. let's see the list of series to be followed in order.

Git & GitHub


CSS, Bootstrap & SCSS

Before moving to Bootstrap & SCSS, you can quickly revise the learned concept by following the below series.

Now move along, 😃


There is a lot of series to follow in this section but it's important as Javascript is the Pillars. Please follow the series in order, focus more on Javascript Basics, Modern Javascript & Asynchronous JavaScript.

An optional series to follow, which you can skip for the moment but this course is something which you must complete before appearing for any interview.



React Unit Testing

Most of the courses listed above are series so make sure you are opening every video on YouTube directly.

Now I think you are ready to explore around and understand the bigger picture of React. Watch the Roadmap embedded below.


Good Luck.

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